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Contacts in Oswestry for all sorts of services to help get the community through this emergency…….

Places to to get food delivered from

National Health Service guidelines and information

National Health Service

Government guidelines and information


Information centre

go togo togo to

Please be patient with us as it will probably take

at least 24hrs to find a volunteer to allocate to you.

Getting help

We will do our best to help you directly or we may point you to another organisation who may better placed to help.

We cannot, at present, do shopping for people because we do not have the facility to handle money. We are working hard with the local supper markets to try to get in place a “click and collect” system and we will deliver.

If any request is out side of the governments “guide lines” then we will have to decline the request.

Email us with your requirements ensuring you include the name, address, post code, contact telephone number and details of the request.


All that said, if you are in the “shielded group”, have no one locally that is able to help you then you are the person we want to help. You are not alone!

Clearly not all the elderly etc have the internet to see this so, as a “good neighbour” could you please check up and down your street or road and check if the elderly are ok.

If anyone needs help then please let us know.